... producing a re-concilliation between ...
Lake Simco, Barrie, Ontario 2003
5.3 tonnes Algonkian Limestone, 100 meters in length

An Outdoor Site work commissioned in Barrie Ontario through the McLaren Art Gallery entitled “Shorel/ines” as part of their ‘City of Art’ project. This work using local milled and raw Algonquin Limestone was based on the geological bedrock formations of the lakes and land of the region dating to the Pre-Cambrian time [ 500- 600 million years ago ].

We coordinated this project working with both the Gallery as well as the City of Barrie; City Planners, Engineers and Parks Board. We viewed Shore /Lines as that edge or space between ideas that question, massage and contradict dualities [producing a re-conciliation between ...].

We were brought to Barrie to view Sites. Although under snow we selected a path that seemed untraveled since our own tracks were the only ones present. We liked the fact that it traversed the shoreline and that no manicuring seemed present. We thought a lot about this edge, that Shore/Line between the history, the geology and the 150th birthday of the City.

When we arrived to work six months later, we found the path well-traveled; mostly dogs and their walkers. We worked the pathway bisecting it into two possible directions; exploring the strata’s political, geological and social history; aligning a position and discovering others. We saw within time and history that after all, 150 years was such a minuscule span of time for an otherwise very old place.

Our work was comprised of two tiers: a) the construction of the work itself, and b) activating the‘idea’ through ritual and exchange.

Construction: We constructed the work using the limestone in three manifestations of form. The central section was comprised of three solid pieces machined for us locally illustrating the geological strata of the material. Each piece measured 9’ x 1’ x 8”. This tri-part segment was buried with the top surface of the limestone flush to the earth. Each of the lengths had a 2” semicircular trough milled onto the surface bisecting the pieces lengthways with the questioned text blasted into each side of the trough. Notions of bringing a material to the surface for observation and investigation; posing the question [ producing a re-conciliation between ... ] The space between ideas. The other two sections each move along the path from the central section. They included a) two tonnes of broken loosely piled limestone pieces to the left of the central section and b) two tonnes of crushed limestone sandbagged to the right of the central section. Two lines in constant change posing dualities.

Ritual and Exchange: The second tier was a ritual and exchange. A spiritual communion that is characteristic to migratory action that emphasizes notions of re-conciliation. The 27’ semicircular trough became a 27’ offering vessels in which we burnt significant materials creating a new line; a line of fire. A venue to express gratitude for our ability to exist here, love in the world and our capacity for thought. We flourish through this communion. It fills the vacuum created when the thought process considers the incomprehensible. We thrive in magic.

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