“parallels of matter” 2002
Merzouga Sand Dunes, North Western Sahara Desert
copper sheeting, olive wood and sand

The red dunes of the Merzouga is an incredible expanse of sand unlike anything one may imagine. It gives that sense of euphoria when you become conscious of the notion of infinity. We saw parallels with the linear accelerator at Stanford University.

The linear accelerator is the cathedral of the disciples of science. It is a place to worship for sapiens exploring the primordial essence of being. Their theorems are the sacraments written in mathematical code and understood by very few. They make machines that help them see their gods.

We went to a special mass delivered by this science clergy. They shared ideas of particles as the smallest ‘so far’ discovered elements of matter. They also talked about the forces existing between these particles, how they kept matter in some semblance of order, and yet chaotic ... chaotic because nothing is totally predictable in nature. It is the forces that exist between the smallest of particles, that gives us so much excitement. We knew that the accelerator would play as reference in this work. A place where the objective of science and art become complementary.

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