Bridge of Days
Ch’olq’iij  2008
Chocola, Guatemala
cement and broken tiles, 25 feet x 7 feet

This project is located in the Maya community of Chocola in the Boca Costa region along the volcanic slopes of the Guatemalan Highlands in southwestern Guatemala. It is settled in a dense jungle surrounded by a series of volcanoes. The town is a centre for about 10.000 people mostly Mayan; K’iche and whom most speak their native K’iche tongue. This site work became a dual project; first the building of a much needed bridge that became a pathway connecting the two areas of Chocola, as well as access to the town centre for many of its outlying people who had fled to the hills during the years of persecution in the 80’s. This created access to the Centre’s markets, schools, medical aid and re-connected an easier social and economic interaction for the area. The second part of this project was creating a mural wall made from broken tiles. This wall image represents a 360 degree view taken from an ancient mound within the city and has links to the establishment of the Mayan Calendar; a calendar still used by the people today.

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